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Implementation of eco-innovations in „Baltic Plastic Products“ UAB


„Baltic plastic products" UAB has started to implement a project financed from the European Regional Development Fund "Implementation of Eco-innovations in "Baltic plastic products" UAB“ No. 03.3.2-LVPA-K-837-03-0081.

Project budget: EUR 2,358,580.00, of which EU part: EUR 1,061,361.00.

Start of implementation of activities: 2019 October 04

Expected completion of activities: 2022 October 03

The aim of the project is to implement technological eco-innovations to reduce the negative effects of the climate change and the greenhouse effect.

The task of the project is the implementation of technological eco-innovations.

„Baltic Plastic Products“ is an industrial company that manufactures caps for PET bottles. The project will include the installation of equipment that will reduce the negative impact of economic activities to the environment.

Our quality is guaranteed by ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 standards

Our story

BPP established in 2004

The company currently manufactures caps of various types and sizes, and is ready and able to place special orders.

UAB Baltic Plastic Products is not getting behind the rapidly developing world and is one of the first companies in Europe to start manufacturing double sealing closures. Our closures stands out for their quality and meets all EU requirements for food packaging.

That is why UAB Baltic Plastic Products is one of the main manufacturers of HDPE caps in Lithuania, which provides its services not only in Lithuania, but also cooperates with worldwide recognized manufacturers of various beverages. The production uses advanced technologies, equipment and raw materials, paints and additives from suppliers recognized in Europe and worldwide.